Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

@raff We would like to know if you have feedback concerning those issues we raised Thanks

Hello community

We will be having our 15th sprint demo call today 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm (EAT), I will be sharing the call link 10 minutes to the call time. kindly attend if possible.

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@shine did you read this?

@darius let me post a video of how it’s currently working on here.

Hello @darius,

I have reproduced user flow 1 and I am going to show it in a couple of short videos here.

  1. I created a new dictionary called Naguru Hospital with a short code NA-HOS

  2. I added CIEL concept: CIEL 1694. See below;

  1. Add a question concept named Outcome of Hospitalization and add an answer, Left against medical advice by searching Naguru Hospital dictionary. See below;

As the last step to show that the answer was added, I navigate to Naguru Hospital concepts and click on Edit for Outcome of hospitalization question, the answer is shown to Left against medical advice

Please look through and provide feedback.

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Hello @darius,

I’ve been updating the OCL documentation as @ball suggested. I created a Google Doc to highlight the changes I’ve made so far and also to allow for comments from other members. Please review the current draft here

Secondly, Ellen also advised that the document should be moved into the correct directory structure for the Wiki. Please help clarify where exactly it should be. Thank you.

cc: @dkayiwa, @akanter, @judeatu, @shine, @alexkayabula, @sheriff, @samdiano

I haven’t found the reason yet.

Hello @raff,

I managed to implement what you requested above in the following way, please let me know if it works as you wanted;

  • I created a bash script that creates an env-config.js file with key-value pairs of the environment variables thus the environment variables could be accessed anywhere in the app as window.env.env_variable also shown here.
  • Then loaded env-config.js with the script tag in index.html
  • I then updated the start script in package.json to run the bash script when running the app during development.
  • After I updated the Dockerfile to copy the .env file, the bash script and also run the bash script before the build(at runtime). Then remove env-config.js from the public folder if any and overrode it with the newly created one by the bash script.

Hence the environment variables are available before build time.

Please confirm if you’re ok with this new implementation.

Also, the env variables can now be passed as you had earlier requested; OCL_API_HOST= TRADITIONAL_OCL_HOST=

Hello community, Here is the link to join the Sprint 15 Demo Call (6pm - 7pm EAT)

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Looks good Allan, but we need to reorder the create concept fields. When you create a Q&A concept, the Answers for the concept should be near the bottom not BEFORE the concept names. @darius, I think we have a mockup of this?

@shine I seem to have difficulties joining the demo call


Thank you Andrew.

"Answers for the concept should be near the bottom not BEFORE the concept names"

Is that on the dictionary concepts page?

I am going to follow from the live events on you tube. Anyone with the link?

Hello community

I am excited to let you know that we had our 15th sprint demo call. For those that missed the call, here is a link to the call.


cc: @darius, @akanter, @dkayiwa, @samdiano, @sheriff, @brucemakallan@judeatu, @ball @alexkayabula

Hi @sheriff, the first two flow videos look right, but the last video has one thing wrong: the source should display as CIEL when you reopen/edit the q and a concept. (Because the answer concept’s source is CIEL. It should also be mapped this way in the back end.)

Also, two UI/layout comments:

  1. Like Andy said, the answers should be much further down on the page. (Answers, set members, and mappings should be the last 3 things if I remember right.) See my mockup in the original design Google doc.

  2. Please also display the concept id in the concept column of the table, like we are doing in the mappings section, I think. It could look something like “(123) Concept Name”

I thought we had decided that the demos and catch-ups would always be in the same time slot on Thursdays. (Also we need to verify the time since we just had a daylight savings time change in the US.)

A comment from watching the demo recording:

Please create a ticket (post-MVP) for going through the whole application and making table column widths be smarter. In many screens I’m seeing the concept name (which is usually the most important detail in the table, and is often long) squeezed/overflowing in a small column, while there’s another column just the same size showing something like 1234 or Yes.

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Watching the ticket about making Mapping Source a select option. That part (having it be a dropdown) is good for the MVP.

But when you change the source of an existing row in the mapping table, I would expect this to clear the selected concept. E.g. this state doesn’t make sense, because there’s no concept (32) Malarial Smear in the Locales source:

In fact this whole table seems problematic to me: two rows have editable concepts and two don’t?

Hello @akanter,

I hope you’re doing well. This is just a reminder to help me clarify what you meant by this "Answers for the concept should be near the bottom not BEFORE the concept names" when we have created a Q-AND-A relationship.

Hello @darius and @akanter,

Should I still schedule the weekly sync call today because we had a Demo_call yesterday and there is nothing more to show since the new_sprint just started.

Jude(Sprint Lead)