Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

Hello Community,

The OCL for OpenMRS Concept lab API seems to have issues. The login endpoint ( is returning 404(Page not found error). And access to the other endpoints returns 401(Unauthorized access)

This is blocking the front end team to keep working.

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I believe this is the cause. News from ci: OCL-OUT-135 has FAILED : Manual run by Daniel Kayiwa

This was at 19:04 (GMT +3)

@muhozi thanks for reporting. I’m on that.

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Unfortunately I cannot join tomorrow’s demo, but would appreciate notes or a recording.

Hopefully there will be a session to discuss OCL next week in Nairobi.

@muhozi, it should be fixed now. We’ve started resetting the DB on each redeploy on QA. It means all user accounts are deleted periodically. If you do not want to recreate a user account, you can always use admin:Admin123.

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Searching by ‘CORS’ in talk, one of the first hits is this one.

This is the answer of how I implemented it:

I made it available for PUT, GET and POST, as requested.

I can add to DELETE too, while I’m not sure if the backend is prepared to receive it.

@raff The issue is still the same. The login endpoint is returning 404

Hello Community,

I would like to remind you that the eleventh sprint demo will start in next 15min, you can join the demo using the following Google hangout link:

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@raff it’s working now. Thanks.

Yes, please go ahead! We should be already accepting it on the backend side.

Please post a link to the recording when you can :slight_smile:

The DELETE method is still returning a CORS error. Is anyone looking into it? @raff

Thanks for everyone who attended the eleventh sprint demo. For those who were not able to attend the demo call here is the video record:

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Hello Community,

We are excited to announce the 12th sprint for Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS(OCLOMRS). The sprint planning session is scheduled for today Wednesday 28th November 2018, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM EAT(East African Time). I will update you with the link to the session call 30 minutes before.


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Not sure what wasn’t clear.

I said:

And Rafal answered:

So I thought it was pretty clear that I’d be doing that.

I added the CORS change (allow DELETE) to OCL QA.

Note: STG and PRD do not have CORS configured. It’s not a difficult change, just keep in mind it’s simply not there.

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Hello, community

I hope this finds you well, this is to bring to your notice that the OCL frontend development team of OpenMRS is currently experiencing challenges with the application backend. All application API calls are failing and returning a 401(unauthorized). The login API endpoint is also failing to log in any user and returns a 404 (not found) error message and the admin user we were previously using cannot login too. Kindly provide any necessary help.


CC: @Darius @dkayiwa @akanter @ianduncan @Tittoh @stoneCoder @Desmond @abulojoshua1 @Collinewait @c.antwi

The admin user was not properly created after @cintiadr’s redeploy. Fixed now!

Hello Community,

I would like to remind you that the 12th sprint planning will start in next 4min, you can join the demo using the following Google hangout link:

It is working as expected now. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the DB or variables in ansible wrong? Running ansible shouldn’t break anything.