Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

Hello Community,

Thanks to those that managed to make it for the call.

Link to the call

The recording is live here.

Action points from the call;

  • Rename ‘All Dictionaries’ field to ‘Public Dictionaries’
  • add ticket on JIRA pointing to localization issue on github- (priority for this will be decided by user demand/ available time)
  • The ‘do not leave the application’ message should also be present when ‘finding concepts’ is displayed: improve the warning styling if possible
  • drop the ticket removing the verbose api call for now- rationale for this is we do not expect a user to have that many collections: prioritize making the ‘public dictionaries page not load the first time a user visits’
  • It seems like the isolation ‘all dictionaries’ displays collections marked as private- investigate this

Way forward on the development team;

  • Liase with Andela Team Leaders to find resources to ensure continuity and support wider MVP testing
  • Current team should focus on updating documentation and wiki to ensure a smooth transition and allow for continuity

Thank you Lincoln and Andela for continuing to move this work forward. One specific request I have is for a “wish list” of features/tickets for the OCL core API. I’m thinking of things like “Ability to filter sources/collections by additional fields, incl. validation schema and custom attributes”. Thanks!

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Thanks @karuhanga could you share the recording of yesterdays call

Hey @darius, @akanter

Quick one;
When using the download option for a collection, I assume the downloaded file should include mappings, correct?

@karuhanga, you mean in the traditional UI? I’m not sure now that would behave.

No, the one available for each release.

Oh, I forgot about this. Yes it should include mappings. Basically this should be a file that you could completely import into OpenMRS, e.g. for doing an offline installation.

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Just to verify, no more catch up/ demo calls until further notice, right?

@darius I think it will be good to have a call to decide next steps at the same call time 3pm UTC but on

I do have an update from Andela that we will be given 4 programmers to help us finish the application to get to an MVP.

Of importance is quickly try and draft a high level test plan that would get us to an MVP

cc @mozzy @akanter @burke @jennifer @paynejd @tbirungi @karuhanga @dkayiwa

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@c.antwi okay, I’ll join the usual call, but let’s push it 15 minutes later this week.

Sounds Good


ill be there. thanks @c.antwi for the update

Are we having a synch today in 45 minutes or has it been moved?


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its still on @akanter

Call reminder. Our call is in the next two minutes
cc @mozzy @akanter @burke @jennifer @paynejd @tbirungi @karuhanga @dkayiwa

Still on, just 15 minutes later and using OpenMRS uberconference.

hi all- is this call starting? or is there new call-in info?

It’s on @paynejd

We are on