Developers Forum 2016-09-01

Reminder there is a developers forum this Thursday at 10am US/Eastern. Here are the topics for the forums in the coming weeks:

  • 01 - How to help volunteer developers @dkayiwa
  • 08 - Topic Fest, Project Management / Strategy Update @burke
  • 15 - Migration to Platform 2.0 @burke
  • 22 - “Crazy ideas” call: no rules, what crazy approaches/technologies could disruptively improve OpenMRS devleopment @darius

To join the call and screen sharing, go to

hi @jthomas ,

I would like to have a part in the next design call. Could you add me to that?

Thank you

Sorry for the delayed response @akshika47 I’m currently on vacation. I believe there is a topic for today’s design forum but @burke could better verify that. Would next Wednesday be good if today doesn’t pan out? Design Forum 2016-09-07: REST for subclasses

@akshika47, the next open design forum is currently 19 September. (Schedule is at

Please let us know what topic you want to discuss, and who you expect to be there, to add this conversation to the schedule.

@darius I would like to have you. :slight_smile: and following people for the meeting.

@mogoodrich @burke @harsha89 and anyone you think is appropriate.

Topic will be solving this matter : Debugging HTML Form Entry module to upload Images in the OpenMRS 2.x UI

Thank you :slight_smile:

@mogoodrich @harsha89 @darius are you able to make the Monday, September 19 design call?

I will be on that call.

@akshika47, please before then make sure that you are able to run your code under a debugger, and able to pause on a breakpoint in the uiframework module (on the line throwing the exception). Without this I’m not sure I’ll be able to help.


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I’m just back from vacation and have a large backlog to catch up with, so I doubt I will make the call. I will try to monitor the posts here, however.


I believe this topic was not discussed on today’s forum. Is this correct? should we try for Wednesday?


My apologies on missing the designer call. I have mixed up the time with the Wednesday meeting ( which I used to join). I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. :frowning:

No worries. Would Wednesday, September 21 from 6-7pm UTC work for you? @mogoodrich @harsha89 @darius what about you all?

Indeed we used today’s design call to discuss other topics.

@akshika47, please ensure that you are able to debug the code before raising it on the design call. If we are able to see what is going on, we can help, otherwise it’s going to be an unproductive call.

(If you’re not familiar with running under the debugger (in Eclipse or IntelliJ) you should be able to google this, and also find some hits in the OpenMRS community.

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I will skip this call since I will not able to attend the call on Wednesday. Can we target the next Monday call?

Sure. I will put you on the calendar for Sept 26th. I believe @darius may be traveling. @mogoodrich @harsha89 can you guys join on Monday?