Developers Forum 2016-01-05: Topic Fest, and using OWA to build standalone HTML/JS OpenMRS Apps

Our last OpenMRS Developers Forum had a low attendance and we were unable to do our planned “Topic Fest.” So we will do another “Topic Fest” this Thursday, and we would also like to invite people to participate virtually, on this thread.

For those who may be newer to the community lets go over what the Developers Forum and Topic Fest are. Each Thursday, the OpenMRS Developer Community has a Developers Forum, where anyone interested in OpenMRS development can join to discuss and share ideas. The topics discussed are driven by the participants of the forum. Several times a year, we will hold a “Topic Fest” within the forum to decide on candidate topics to discuss over the next few months. While the ideas in the Topic Fest help create a straw man agenda for the weekly forums, we are always open to adjusting the topics to meet community needs.

This is your forum. You get to drive the agenda. If you have suggestions for agenda topics for the Developers Forum, join the forum and make your suggestion, or describe your suggested topic here and we’ll work to get in on the schedule.

We will also spend part of this Thursday’s call looking at the winning entry in the #OMRS15 Hackathon (a “Manager’s Dashboard” app), and see the new rapid development possibilities that are made possible by using the new Open Web Apps module to build standalone HTML+JS apps.

See you virtually on Thursday!


Looking forward for this :slight_smile:

@jthomas Can i get the recording of this if recorded ?

You can see notes & a recording link here:

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I imagine that @sandeepraparthi is asking for a recording of the video.

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yeah I would love that if its available :slight_smile:

Thanks @sunbiz, that’s a very interesting development!

@darius and all, what’s the leadership line on those OWA within OpenMRS? Are we leaning towards a situation where

  • OpenMRS modules would just be APIs (REST to name it).
  • OWA will become ‘the new omod’?

For completeness, the video recording is here:

fyi @sandeepraparthi

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Thank you @darius