dev03, uat-platform and int-platform machine

Hi everyone,

As part of the migration to the new datacenter, I need to know the destiny of those three environments:

@darius, do you want to maintain dev03? I’m happy to maintain the same DNS, but I’d need a docker-compose app to deploy it. The datacenter is powering off on the 31st December :smiley:

What about int-plataform and uat-platform, do they need to be kept? If so, same deal, I’d need docker compose apps :smiley:

I personally would like int-platform to stay because i frequently took a look at it to check the status of our latest snapshot version of the platform.

We use uat-platform only when we are preparing for a platform release.

@dkayiwa that’s fine, I’m happy to deploy them to the new datacenter/provider, but I need someone to create a pull request to with a dockerised version of the platform.

I do have quite a few servers to automate and migrate on the next month, there’s no way I will have bandwidth or basic knowledge on platform to be able to come up with a proper docker-compose before the deadline (which is 31st december).

I do apologise in advance, but looking all the servers still pending for migration in a month, @sparshadotel and I won’t have bandwidth to work on these machines.

Unless someone else work in dockerizing them, they are going to be powered off without replacement.

cc @burke