Design time for Resolving design inconsistencies in Cohort Membership (TRUNK-5379)

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Description: There are various design inconsistencies in the CohortMembership model that need resolution as described in TRUNK-5379. We will use time in the design forum to walk through these inconsistencies and aim, by the end of the call, to create or identify ready-for-work tickets to resolve them.

Required Attendees: @mogoodrich, @burke, @wyclif and/or @dkayiwa, @darius. All others interested are welcome! (Please take the Doodle poll below in the next 24 hrs)

Desired Dates: Within the next few weeks.

@burke it looks like October 15 will work for @mogoodrich, @wyclif, @dkayiwa, @darius. I will add it to the design forum calendar.

Reminder @mogoodrich, @burke, @wyclif, @dkayiwa, @darius design forum is coming up on Monday for TRUNK-5379.

Just to clarify, the calendar shows tomorrow, but I assume this will be on Monday (the 15th):

@mogoodrich sorry I put it on the wrong day on the page but it was correct on the events calendar. Thank you for pointing this out!

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