Design time for OpenMRS Strawman UX Mockups

Topic for deciding on timing of this discussion.

Thanks @gschmidt! This is an important conversation.

I think the logistical focus of this conversation should revolve around the organizations interested in Burke’s charge and when they can all collectively be available for this, vs. trying to fit this within a “design forum” slot. If the main folks are available during that slot, great!

Otherwise, @jennifer and @c.antwi: let’s find a time where at least the following people can be present:

@burke @gschmidt @mseaton (or @mogoodrich or someone who represents PIH) @jdick @chris (or someone senior who represents Jembi) @ssmusoke

Of course, it’d be nice if the entire community could be a part of this, but we need to focus on building momentum from those interested in participating in this important work. All should be welcome!

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Hey Everyone

These are the proposed dates that are available for the discussion. Please note that I have factored that @burke and @akanter are not available over the next 2 weeks

Thanks, @gschmidt, for getting the ball rolling on scheduling a Design Forum time to take us through your new mockups.

As @paul said, we need to make sure that we find a time to continue key discussions on this framework that works for at least our key players to come together. Please use the Doodle poll to help us identify alternate days/times that we can use to advance our collaboration on this framework. All are welcome!

@burke @jdick @chris @mseaton @mogoodrich @ssmusoke @c.antwi @akanter @bistenes @dkayiwa @atlcto

Unfortunately that is spring break week and I cannot make any times.

Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH FACMI +1.646.469.2421

I see Greg’s strawman presentation as one of several discussions on this important initiative over the coming weeks, which means we’ll need to find a good meeting slot that works for those central to this effort.

It’s unfortunate that Doodle won’t let us put a poll out with generic days of the week. I encourage you to fill this one out with your general availability so that we at least have a sense of what days or times could work for you after next week.