Design time for Improving on Memory Management in the mergepatientdata module

Continuing the discussion from Propose a Design Forum Topic:

Description: @samuel34 feels we have a lot of memory leaks on how the mergepatientdata module manages data. He is looking towards the best way we could implement streaming of data since this module handles lots of Patient and their metadata. Maybe even raise ideas of solving Overriding default multipart file size in Openmrs module dev. This could help to solve/prevent outOfMemory issues.

Required Attendees: @dkayiwa, @ssmusoke , @darius (Please take the Doodle poll below in the next 24 hrs)

Desired Dates: September 19, 24, or 26

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@samuel34 can you do Sept 26th? You did not mark it on the Doodle poll but you put it on your design forum request?

Well thats great for me. Thanks @jthomas

@samuel34 I’ve been able to confirm @darius and @burke for Sept 26 but not @ssmusoke. Are you okay with scheduling for next Wednesday even if @ssmusoke can’t make it?

Thanks for investing time in this. I’m so grateful for this :slight_smile:

Of course. Happy to help! So, Sept 26 is ok?

@samuel34 @jthomas apologies for the delay in response have been without good connectivity for the last couple of days. Will be available for the call on Wednesday

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Yap its ok. Thanks

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