Design Time for EHR UX Re-Design - Concept Demo

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Required Attendees: All interested @burke, @mseaton, @darius (Please take the Doodle poll below in the next 24 hrs)

Desired Dates: September 26, October 1, October 3

@gschmidt - @ddesimone and I would definitely like to participate and be a part of this, as we are working towards very similar goals at PIH. Can you share the mockups that you are working on?

Thanks, Mike

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Hi - I look forward to meeting & sharing the mockups. The more recent versions are still on paper. I’ll upload the digital one when available

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@gschmidt This is very timely as we (UgandaEMR) are looking to revamp our UI too as we move to a point of care implementation - so would love to see mockups to leverage learnings.


@gschmidt it looks like October 1 will work for @darius @mseaton and @burke. I will add it to the design forum calendar.

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