Design Forum 2018-07-02: Patient Queueing in Reference Application

Today’s design forum is around Patient Queueing in Refapp . If this topic is of interest to you join us from 4-5pm UTC.

@ssmusoke @mogoodrich @mseaton @mksd @darius @ddesimone @slubwama1 @slubwama @dkayiwa @burke

The next design forum on Wednesday, July 4 is CANCELLED.

To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use the latest Firefox, Chrome, or other WebRTC-compatible browser and go to:

Hello @jthomas this call was cancelled due to less people in attendance. I am requesting for a reschedule of this call. I would like to see the following in attendance @dkayiwa @wyclif @ssmusoke @darius @bruke @mseaton.

I’m sorry to hear that @slubwama.

@slubwama @dkayiwa @wyclif @ssmusoke @darius @burke @mseaton are you guys able to meet next Wednesday, July 11 or Monday, July16?

@slubwama I am able to confirm @dkayiwa @wyclif @burke @darius for Wednesday, July 11 or Monday, July16. Not sure about @mseaton or @ssmusoke but I hope these participants are enough to plan for a call.

Thanks for this. This will do. I attended one yesterday but in vain. Hope Wednesday works out well.

According to this Design Forum 2018-07-11: OPEN FORUM i think the Wednesday July 11 topic is “England vs Croatia.” :smile:

I think the commentators for the game are welcome to call in and keep us updated.

@slubwama I wonder if this discussion took place while I was on vacation or if you are still looking to get everyone together?