Deleting or voiding a complex obs

How can I delete a complex obs from the Ref App? Because when I try to delete it I get a:

Cannot delete concept. Database constraints will be violated because this concept is in use by other objects.

@dkayiwa @samuel34 @ruhanga

Can you share a screenshot of the complex obs you want to delete or void including the button you are clicking to get this error?

I used the delete button on the edit concept

That is deleting a concept. Not deleting an observation. Have you read about the difference between a concept and an observation?

Oh yes!! I actually realized that mistake after posting this. Thank you non the less

@herbert24 I went to the visits tab after entering the test patient I don’t see the View Specific Encounter like this link says

Did you take a look at these in the OpenMRS guide?

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@dkayiwa @herbert24 I don’t see the observation while in view section of the of the encounter I created any help on that

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it is because you did not capture any vitals for the patient you registered!You also need to get to know the meaning of an observation,encounter and concept

Did you try to use your equivalent of this screen?

Yes @dkayiwa I did

Can you share a screenshot of your equivalent for that screen with your patient (the one you created the observation for) already selected?

@dkayiwa this is what you are asking

I mean your equivalent of this screen:

I edited the thread post above in place of the previous hope you have noticed that

Did you try to login in and then try the link again?

I have done that @dkayiwa but still have the same output. And I hope the link you are saying must be this

What have you done?

I logged out then followed the prompts from the link, I still did not see the observation in the observations part to delete.

I do not remember having told you any where to log out.