Deleting or voiding a complex obs

Can you share a screenshot of your equivalent for that screen with your patient (the one you created the observation for) already selected?

@dkayiwa this is what you are asking

I mean your equivalent of this screen:

I edited the thread post above in place of the previous hope you have noticed that

Did you try to login in and then try the link again?

I have done that @dkayiwa but still have the same output. And I hope the link you are saying must be this

What have you done?

I logged out then followed the prompts from the link, I still did not see the observation in the observations part to delete.

I do not remember having told you any where to log out.

okay, So can that have affected anything

Simply carefully follow my instructions.

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@dkayiwa when you say equivalent of the screen I don’t seem to get you there, mind to clarify

When you run your instance of OpenMRS, which url shows in the browser?

I have this http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ at home page

Then your equivalent is: http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/observations/index.htm

this is what i get after entering the prompts

The search results are the observations. So add more observations to the patient and see how the search results change.

Am getting this @dkayiwa

Have you tried to click and open any of these observations? Have you also looked at this? How delete Encounters and obs from patient

It’s actually what I have been looking through but the problem comes when I cannot see the observations after selecting view even on both encounters from this page

I get a list of the vitals for the patient if I select the first view encounter and the second doesn’t show any observations in the observations section on the page

This is what has been holding me back deleting the obs