Customizing OpenMRS login page

Hello. I want to customize the login page of OpenMRS. I successfully installed OpenMRS-SDK. How/Where can I do customization? Thank you.

Customize or run the server? Kindly shade more light.

you would want to look at that

this talk post ,would also work for you

@jaycee, did you mean some thing like changing the Login page style sheet etc ?? or you just wanted to override the Login page ?

I want to modify the UI of the login page. What file should I edit to do so?

what installation are you running ,platform or reff app ??

The issue is in the reff app , the the reference application module provides the login page which overides the default login page provided by the legacy Ui.

  • If your running the platform , here is the file

  • if your running the ref app here the file

@jaycee thats a good idea of customising the login page but we would like to know which features do you want to add, (either previleges and authentication or authorisation)

@jaycee since you are runing sdk,clone the reference application module were you will find the login page as seen here, from that point you can customise to your needs.Then build and replace the .omod file in your modules folder of the sdk with the one you have just built!!

After I edit the login.gsp file, how can I build it and turn it to a .omod file? Thank you so much.

@jaycee Below is the UgandaEMR approach for customizing the login page. We used this approach since the page cannot be overwritten and the controller can only be mapped once. How I so wish there was a simpler way

  1. Add a PageRequestMapper to catch the call from the Reference Application Login to our login page

  2. Copy the contents of the Reference Application Login Controller

  3. Add the custom Login page


@jaycee build the module using mvn clean install,check for the .omod file within the /omod/target folder of the built module and replace it with the existing one within the modules folder of he sdk.tthen restart the sdk.You can still pick some thing from @ssmusoke 's comment above!

Hey @ssmusoke ! I would like to implement this for my project, would you be able to elaborate it a little?

Your help is much appreciated!