Creating a Bahmni Mart database for analytics

Hi @darius,

We are working on those feedback/comments. But these schemas were generated before those comments. We will update this sheet once we are done with those changes.

Hi all,

We have set up demo-env with default Bahmni. Also, we installed Metabase as analytics tools. Please have a look.

Metabase URL:

Metabase username: admin@xyz.mail

Metabase password: Admin123

As demo environment has less number of patient data, please add your own data. If you are adding new data, please run bahmni-mart by clicking on Launch task from here and re-sync the Metabase. To re-sync Metabase go to this link and click on Re-scan database schema now and Re-scan field values now.

Note: you will be able to check bahmni-mart process is done or not from here

We would love to hear your feedback or requirements. Please feel free to play with the instance.


This looks really good.

Thanks @sumanmaity112!

We’ll be looking into it. Cc @mksrom @ouiliam

I assume this thread stopped getting new comments because the dev team got it to some stable point and moved on to something else. But I wanted to mention that this is really cool!

Where does the code live, so that other interested folks might test this out?

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Hi @darius,

For code base and deployment step please looks here. There is a Bahmni wiki page as well

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Lot of community people are trying to access bahmni-mart documentation recently. We have uploaded the pdf document to bahmni wiki. Please find the link for the same.

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Thanks Bindu.

Quick questions

  1. Is this production-ready or still in early preview?
  2. How many deployments are using this in production systems?
  3. Does it work with forms pre 2.0?

Hi @arjun,

yes…it is production ready and our implementations have been using this on prod for more than a year

Around 35 as of now

yes…it works with form2 forms. And also with latest FormBuilder enhancement changes. For more info on latest form builder changes please go through this video

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