Could someone compile and build this edited apppointmentschedulingui and send me the omod file?

in order to solve this issue ( The calendar in “Manage Appointment Blocks” page doesn’t Have weekends on it (Saturdays and Sundays) which are working days in some countries. This is controlled by a simple parameter:

so I edited this parameter weekends to true in my fork on github:

I can’t build it on windows though for some reason. Can someone help me out and build it and send me the omod file? cause I want to see if this simple fix solves this issue:

Why not compile it on your own?

I’ve been trying to for days…

Hi @hossam,


However it goes without saying that you should spend the necessary time to make sure that you can build by yourself on your system, or switch system (perhaps consider a dual boot with a Linux distro or something?)

The good thing for you, is that if this is just JS development, you can move forward even with your build issues. For this look at the OpenMRS SDK in ‘Watching module for changes’.

I hope this could help.

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Thank you!!

it worked! :))

Glad I could help :wink:

But nevertheless, you should address the issues with your build environment.

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yeah I’m working on installing Ubuntu on my machine. Things seem to be simpler there.

Why not just use a VM?

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My experience is the opposite, with Linux you can face other kind of problems (permissions on files for instance) that need to be addressed. And in general you must have a good command of bash. I’m not saying Windows is better of course.

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