Contributing to the OWA generator (ReactJs part)

Hi everyone, I am interested in contributing to the React part of the OWA generator app, but I haven’t been able to find much resources on how to contribute to the repository. However I have setup the generator locally and I have been playing with it for a while, I have also looked at some old and new PR to get a better understanding of the project. Can someone please direct me to resources I could use to better understand the generator, or the issues page so I know what features need to be implemented. Thanks.

cc @ankitkumar @pascal

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Thanks for your interested in contributing! The JavaScript Ecosystem wiki page might be a useful resource. It includes a link to (among others) the OMRSJS JIRA project, which we use for issues relating to the generator. There are not many feature requests at the moment though, so I recommend either creating your own, or pinging this topic to try and extract some requests from the community:

The generator is just a Yeoman implementation, so you can learn what you need to know about development here.

Thanks pascal.

Hii @jeiddiah Good to see you creating a thread :slight_smile: For future also feel free to create threads about any errors or problems you will be facing in case you didn’t get any solution on this thread.

I am providing you some resources as well as some hints on how generator works :

This is the main repository :

First of all you should try scaffolding a webapp and deploy it using any openmrs platform whether its sdk or standalone (as you have already setup the generator locally). you can check the deployed app by visiting the OWA module.

For learning the steps to use the yeoman generator, you should visit this as @pascal has already mentioned.

For building apps, you should try setting up your development environment (whatever IDE you like). We use ES6 so you should also have a look at some tutorials on how you can integrate ESLint with your IDE.

Now, I am giving you a brief guide on how generator works :

here the code for our webapps reside. Its the template containing different technologies :

Link to a file which contains the code which controls the working of the generator is here

Here you will find the functions which are needed to copy your new react files to the template. Below that you will find more such functions to copy some more things like images, html, etc.

I think that much info will be enough to give you a basic understanding about the generator. If you have some ideas or features in mind, don’t hesitate to post or create ticket about it here. Note : For getting permissions for issues, you need to request the helpdesk. (if you haven’t)

Thanks Have a good day !

Thanks @antikumar, I’ll look into all this.