Context.hasPrivilege is too busy

i have noticed that Context.hasPrivilege receives so many calls and ends up evaluating to true most of the times at runtime with wrong privilege argument, has anyone encountered this?


Can you give an example or a unit test where this evaluates to true with the wrong privilege argument?

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o, there’s need to let privilegeListener know of the privilege

Hi @k.joseph I encountered a similar issue in the dhisconnector module.

To test that, I created a unit test like this:

public void testPrivileges(){

This test passed everytime even if there’s no privilege called “FooBar”.

Could you please help me to figure it out. Thanks in advance

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please check through if openmrs-core/ at master · openmrs/openmrs-core · GitHub can be of help!

Thank you! @k.joseph . I’ll go through it and let you know the status.

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