Configure HL7 message for Orders Radiology

Hello everyone, I searched but I did not find how to configure the message HL7 for orders radiology.

I need configure " Access number " annd the modality like the picture :

I looked at this page : How to Integrate Bahmni with Fuji CR | by Arjun Khandelwal | Bahmni Blog | Medium

I saw that we can configure the modality field.

Someone can help me configure the fields?


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Nobody can help me configure the MWL? The goal is to put US for ultrasound, CR for radiography and CT for CT.


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@rud, you are not alone. This guide is incomplete: . Someone needs to come forward and tell us exactly how they managed to integrate the systems. We have the same Fuji CR but I failed too.

Hi everybody,

Nobody found the solution?

I think there are missing tables in the database for the HL7 message.

The radiological module specialists can tell us?



Sorry, somehow i missed noticing this thread. Thanks @angshuonline for the nudge :slight_smile:

@rud, regarding your this point

If you are not a developer there isn’t an easy way to do this as right now Bahmni does not send modality name and some other parameters, part of the HL7 request. (I had suggested adding this but it didn’t get prioritised in the product roadmap that time). Since the places i have implemented this, there was only digital radiology that was involved, i had setup ‘CR’ as the default modality in dcm4chee. Additionally i had also setup Default Station Name and Default Station AET. These default values can be done through the jmx console of dcm4chee (Go to ip:8055/jmx-console/HtmlAdaptor → Select service=HL7Service,type=ORM under dcm4chee.archive). I have updated this in this wiki page. I will put in the blog as well. For dealing with multiple modalities i think you will to do some mapping in the xsl file which transforms the HL7 message to dcm4chee entry.

If you are a developer, this is the code you can refer to see what attributes Bahmni is sending right now. If you have capacity and interest to fix it in the product, the community would be happy to receive the contribution. As a simplistic solution one can use either concept attributes or reference term to associate modality with each order. In a bigger setting same order could go to different modalities based on department and would require a more sophisticated solution. As a starting step, you can begin a design discussion as another thread on this forum.

Hi @webster, honestly the integration was a slightly complex work as multiple systems were involved. Till the point of dcm4chee, based on the experience we have tried to put things out of the box on which Bahmni can take an opinion and left certain things open and documented where it could vary by implementation. And i tried to share the experience and demystify it through the blog as best as i could. I hope you also referred to the wiki page which was linked from the blog as i didn’t want redundancy. Was the places you failed to setup same as Gwad or you faced some other difficulties. If you can point to specific gaps, i can try to fix them in the blog or wiki wherever appropriate.

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Btw, in my experience Bahmni - dcm4che integration is comparatively easier part. Have you figured out integration between dcm4che - US , dcm4che - CT?

I managed to get radiology orders in DCM4CHEE but DCM4CHEE couldn’t send the worklist items to CT or CR. After several attempts without success, I gave up. It’s a shame, really. It looks like I (RADIOGRAPHER) was the only person in Malawi selling the BAHMNI idea to the healthcare community…and the radiology module is incomplete. Will keep on following Bahmni and maybe try again when it reaches version 1.0. I’m hoping by then someone will have figured something out about the radiology module 'cause for something that is supposed to work out of the box, the radiology module has given me too much headache.

@rud checkout this if you are just interested in Radiology — no other functionality for other systems as provided by bhamni

@webster I think you will like the progress

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@judy I’ve been following that chat on telegram. I checked out the radiology module yesterday. I’m excited!!

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We could see the Order placed from Bahmni flows to DCM4Chee Modality Worklist. But we are stuck on how to configure the actual modality (say ultra sound or x-ray machine) so the order is passed from DCM4Chee to the modality?

The wiki page only states that "1. Enter a code (for ex: 1234, same code has to be setup in modality for ‘abdomen ap’) and select “PACS Procedure Code” as Source and save.

How do we set up “the same code” on modality? Any example?