Concept Dictionary Quality Issues / Feedback

We are working to meet the needs of the community and would like to learn what challenges you are facing using the CIEL dictionary or trying to get to use the CIEL dictionary

First let me thank you @judy and @akanter for the great work that you do managing the CIEL dictionary. It is a great resource to the community.

For me, it’s easy to access (but was a little intimidating) the first time I made the request to have access to it through the drop box.

I’m also looking forward to the day we have an online resource (Open Concept Lab) where new concepts and modifications can be requested, making the “release” process more granular, rather than waiting a month for a new release of the CIEL dictionary.

I don’t think I’ve been getting emails when new versions of CIEL are updated. Is that on talk somewhere that i need to subscribe to that topic to get those email notifications?

The notifications are made as additions to the talk topic. You should watch that topic: New version of CIEL concept dictionary added to dropbox

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@akanter, I tried requesting for access to the CIEL dropbox (on June 12th 2016) but the email address provided in the link below bounced:

Also I was able to update the CIEL using the latest update openmrs_concepts_1.11.2_20160605.sql. However, I can search for concepts like HTN from System Administration -> Administration -> View Concept Dictionary and I get a result, BUT I dont get a result when I search for HTN from Patient Dashboard -> Visit Note -> Add presumed or confirmed diagnosis

Im using OpenMRS Platform 1.11.5 and platform 2.3.1

I just added a note to about having to rebuild a search index after importing a dictionary.

If you are running OpenMRS Platform 1.11.x and above, please go to Administration - Maintenance - Search Index - Rebuild Search Index.

@akanter, in the next CIEL release could you please add this SQL: update global_property set property_value=NULL where property="search.indexVersion";

This will trigger rebuilding the index on next server startup. It can be added to all versions, but is needed only in 1.11.x and later.

@raff, thanks for the update. This line:

update global_property set property_value = “” where property = “search.indexVersion”;

Is already included in the current release. The index was rebuilt but still facing the same issue:

Ah ok, HTM may need to be added to diagnosis concept set of sets.

In Reference Applicaiton 2.3.1 concept with UUID ‘160167AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’ is used by default as emr.concept.diagnosisSetOfSets. See (admin:Admin123)

Thanks @raff, Using platform 1.11.5 and Reference Application 2.3.1 how can I add HTN to the concept set of sets? Is it inserts to the concept table, if yes which tables?

The proper set to include it would be the Cardiovascular system disease concept (160174). There ALREADY is a concept “essential hypertension” which probably is synonymous with HTN. However, SNOMED does have this as a separate concept (HTN is more generic). Essential hypertension is more equivalent of what most people mean by HTN.

Nice to meet you @whiscard.

I can reproduce your issue in my system. It’s because ‘HTN’ is apparently a short name for the concept in the en_us locale. The user’s profile may likely be configured to be proficient in en_us and en_uk which yields results in the legacy UI. The Reference Application has a bug where it doesn’t search in proficient locales.

If you change your locale to English (United States) and then open the Visit Note form in the Reference Application, it should find the ‘HTN’ diagnosis concept.

Please vote for the ticket and maybe someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) it will get fixed.

Medically, hypertension is the parent concept. “Essential hypertension” is hypertension not due to any specific cause – i.e., it is not renal hypertension (hypertension due to chronic kidney disease), prenatal hypertension (pre-eclampsia), and so on. In the desire to make things confusing, “essential” is one of several words added to medical terms which basically mean “we don’t really know what’s causing it”.

…not that this is directly related to the current issue; but ideally CIEL will have separation of those two concepts.

We do have separation of the two concepts. My point was that when a clinician uses HTN as an abbreviation for a patient’s clinical disorder, they probably are referring to Essential Hypertension

In most cases, yes.


Hi @arbaughj, Pleased to meet you as well and thanks for testing this.

I set my locale to English (United States) and still no joy :frowning: I suspect my issue is the same as this ticket here: and is related to this post: Adding CIEL diagnosis to Visit note form

I’ve voted on both issues though :slight_smile:

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@akanter and others, thanks for your help on this.

As HTN is already a synonym for the CIEL concept Hypertension 117399 (attached), am I correct in thinking that it should then show up on the diagnosis search when someone types in HTN, just as choices for pneumonia show up when someone types in pneum… (attached))?

I do not believe so. Unless the diagnosis is added to the “set of sets” listed above, it does not appear in the search for the reference application. Right now, Essential Hypertension is in the set, not HTN (Hypertension).

Thanks @akanter and all, very helpful @whiscard and our whole team as we do more and more with concepts. Steve