Cohort Builder OWA 1.0.0-beta released!

@dkayiwa Yes this already part of the documentation:

I mean the one you wrote about how to release an OWA.

@dkayiwa Not yet. I will be editing that today. @jeiddiah Created it. I will add all the details about publishing to bintray and also adding them to the add-on index.

@upendo did you eventually add this to the documentation?

@dkayiwa Yes I did that. Here is a link to it:

Very nice. Thanks Paul! :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa For the community I would do it again :smile:

@upendo, I have just tested out the Cohort Builder on (after @dkayiwa uploaded the latest version there for me at Login), and I have run into what seem like some showstopper bugs. So, I don’t think this is ready for implementers to test out yet.


  • The overall flow of screens does not work as expected. I expect that when I fill out the form on top and click Search, then a new row should be added in the Search History (initially showing that it’s loading the results, and eventually showing a concrete number), but the screen that we’re seeing should not change. I do not want to see a list of patient names unless I explicitly click to view one of the results.
  • the primary use cases is for a data analyst who is sitting down for a session that will include multiple searches and combinations. They’re first interested in the numbers of results, not the specific names. (A secondary use case is for a doctor or analyst to find specific patients with some criteria, but they can access this with just one more click.)
  • For Concept/Observation
  • I choose a numeric concept (“Weight (kg)”), then I go to the “Enter a value in kg” field, but it does not work. E.g. I try to type “20” but instead each time I press a key the cursor goes back to the start of the text field, so it ends up with “02”.
  • even if I then do that search, the number I typed has no effect on the query
  • I entered an Until Date of “18-09-2017” and I get zero results. This can’t be right; there must be obs on this server from earlier than today.
  • In both the <20 and the Until 18-09-2017 cases, the query description is the same: “Patients with observations whose question is Weight (kg)”. The description needs to indicate all constraints that were applied, otherwise the user has no way to interpret what they’re seeing in the search history:
  • Now that I’m trying to use it, the UI is pretty confusing. I will try to submit a PR with some cosmetic changes to clarify things, instead of trying to describe them all.
  • I refreshed the browser after letting my session timeout and I ended up at this url, with a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException stack trace: Login
  • I would like a “clear search history” option. (E.g. when I logged in fresh, it still shows my past searches, and in this case I actually want to start fresh.)
  • actually I’d even prefer that when you load the page fresh after logging in, it says something like “Do you want to resume your previous search history (with 4 searches), from (x minutes/days/months) ago? [Discard] [Resume]”, but this is a low priority.
  • I would expect that when you click Back after viewing a result from the search history, then the query form should be reset. (The way it works now, if I (1) do a query about obs, (2) do a query about encounters, (3) view the results of the obs query, (4) click Back, (5) I see a full-screen set of questions about Encounters, which confuses me.)
  • In Search By Encounter the date field shows through the encounter type dropdown:

The Observations search is the most important thing in the Cohort Builder, so it need to work flawlessly or else we can’t put this in front of end users.

(I have not tested out the other tabs yet, because I saw blocker bugs in the first tab.)

Thank you @darius for this feedback. This was the kind we needed so as to note the areas to better this module. cc: @dkayiwa @kingisaac95 @millicent @jeiddiah. Could we organize a call to get more clarification on this and chat way forward?

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Go ahead and set it up.

Thank you @darius for the feedback.

Following the need to have a call regarding said feedback. I have set up a doodle poll to pick up appropriate dates and times. Here is the link to it: . Please vote and on times and days so we have a call set up and ready as soon as possible. cc: @dkayiwa @darius @kingisaac95 @millicent @jeiddiah

I have set up the call as requested. Here is a link to it: Invites have also been sent to your emails. Anyone else wishing to join the call do ping me for an invite to it. The call is set for Friday 1600hrs EAT 1400hrs WAT 0600hrs Seatle time 0900hrs NYT cc: @dkayiwa @darius @kingisaac95 @jeiddiah @millicent

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Late reminder, our call should be happening now. cc: @dkayiwa @darius

Sorry I missed this call. I hope that you were able to plan a way forwards with Daniel. Or do you need my further input at this point?

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Wow well thank you Darius for the all issues as mentioned above. We had a good call with Daniel, which went well. We discussed a way forward for the module from the issues you had mentioned. I have tested the module following each point as laid out by you. I have been able to replicate bugs as you stated and I have seen them as a valid concern. My team and I are currently working on the Addon Manager and we will be very soon rolling off. But I would very much love to join whatever team that will be working on this after us to steer the way forward as per you and @dkayiwa 's guidelines and requirements. I believe some of the issues raised is due to a misunderstanding in the requirements but this is something that can be handled. I can say I have a great deal of understanding of the issues you have laid out. Is it possible for you to test the whole module and just state issues as Is here? I think it will be best to have all requirements for this module in place before the next team begin work on it. Thanks again @darius.

Hey @darius,

@joelakwes and I will be working on resolving the issues detailed here, and I wish to request clarification from you. 1.

Now that I’m trying to use it, the UI is pretty confusing. I will try to submit a PR with some cosmetic changes to clarify things, instead of trying to describe them all.

Did you manage to do this, and could you share a link where we can view it to get a better understanding of the issue?

Hello friends, am really glad for the relase of the cohort builder. however, am inquiring if anyone has tried it on 0.89 bahmni distribution of openmrs.


Great job guys!!

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@darius I hope this finds you well. Just a quick reminder that we are still awaiting your feedback on this issue.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Do have a lovely day ahead.