CI Jobs fails on openmrs-distro-referenceapplication-uitests module

according to the logs, u could be have messed up the travis test properties file, let me take a look

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O yeah, i found it. U got the file messed it along the url line,

catch that at:

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Oops! Should I also omit the location property

it existed and not your trailing change, it’s needed. just reset the file to its origin and ensure its out of your PR and you will be ready to go

Well have made numerous changes on this file to see the right way out, however I added this property in one of the previous commit that I made though I rebased these commits and that is why its not being reflected in the recent commit as a new change. Could you take a look on this file on the upstream master

This asserts this to be true

Then we need to add this property in upstream master

which property are you talking about? master has the right file which is why your Pr change preview tracks the change

login.location property is missing in file on the upstream master branch. This could have been an oversight and I think could be the reason why travis is failing tests for the incoming pr’s because the login encounter is missing this attribute which is mandatory for the login instance to pass. Could you take a look at this commit

ideally if you can easily automate your tests and they pass successfully in the browser, login.location property would have somehow over driven by web url . unless there are logs indicating such an error caused by login.location

All tests are failing with travis as indicated in this log. What have discovered travis is using file to access the remote server at in order to run these tests. By missing login.location attribute in the upstream master branch causes the login resolution at the server to fail since this field is mandatory for login instance to pass. This results into failure of all the tests from the incoming pr that are redirected to master

TravisCI has switched from .org to .com and no longer supports unlimited builds for open sources repos. Multiple attempts to reach out to TravisCI to try to get sufficient “credits” for OpenMRS went unanswered. It looks the best option for OpenMRS repos is moving to GitHub Actions.


Thanks @burke for this suggestion, hopefully we will need to dive into this milestone

let me review GitHub Actions Documentation - GitHub Docs and see if we can switch our qa related repos the soonest too. thanks for copying us on this

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Thanks @k.joseph for looking into this and please let me know where I can support you in this effort

thanks @burke for the insight on this

Thanks @k.joseph and everyone for the initiative on this issue. Tests are now passing the build plans

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Builds for openmrs-distro-referenceapplication-uitetsts-module have been passing well on Github Actions But of recent (since yesterday) Travis CI seems to have resurrected against this module and jobs are now failing. cc: @sharif @k.joseph @dkayiwa

Thanks @k.joseph for looking into the concern. Things are now ok.

@dkayiwa a recent merge on distro for Upgrading the sdk because of bintray EOL seems to break things when building the module. After updating my local repo [ openmrs-distro-referenceapplication module] , builds are now failing when I run mvn clean install. It throws Access denied to: , ReasonPhrase:Forbidden
Here is the full log

I have just run it successfully. Try again.

The issue was a result of the ISP, some packets were being lost in the transit. Changing to a different one made things right. Thanks @dkayiwa