Can not Create OpenMRS instance

@irenyak1, The output is here where i run mvn openmrs-sdk:help

, @kdaud, simply run the standalone installation for the openmrs server.

Then you use the sdk to create the inntitial module File structure

That could make life much easier for you

@kdaud can we briefly get onto the call as @herbert24 suggested , here

Ping me when you’re there

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@mozzy, @herbert24 I wished to indeed talk to you so that I can be helped but am unable to have the gadgets right now that can enable me connect with you. Is there a possibility of hanging tomorrow at 8:30pm if possible because I will have gotten a friend to help me with his gadget(speakers). Am sorry for all that but am a student as well

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it doent need any extra gadget , arent you on a laptop ?

ok @kdaud, if you new to openmrs , please simply download the standalone and start with that. it will make life more easy for you.

@mozzy, I think i wanted to build my first Openmrs module. Am not so sure whether standalone can be of help but already i am familiar with standalone. Now I want to jump into development

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@kdaud the standalone is just a packaged server to run an openmrs instance . it doesnt affect your module creation.

if what you want is module creation, create your module with the sdk and run it in the standalone,

runing your module with an sdk server or standalone server doesnt make any difference. Actually for development purposes, a standalone is much better , its quicker and lighter

@mozzy I think i even delayed.I didn’t that i can run a module in standalone all along. Thanks for the info sir!

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But did you take a look at this doc , there are many ways of running an openmrs instance locally

  • Docker images
  • Enteprise installation
  • SDK
  • Standalone

Have build some module by running mvn clean install within the packege and realize after building it form .omd file. How can i then convert this .omd file into war file in order to be deployed

Just to say, I cloned openmrs-module-chartsearch module from github repo and after running mvn clean install , it creates chartsearch-2.2.0-SNAPSHOT.omd file with in /home/admins/openmrs-module-chartsearch/omod/target/chartsearch-2.2.0-SNAPSHOT.omd. What can I do then in order to deploy it into the manager app in the server.
cc: @mozzy, @herbert24, @irenyak1

Go thorugh how to create , compile and install your module .

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@kdaud please just keenly follow those steps in the link @mozzy sent. You will be able to deploy the omod file in the modules .

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Thanks @mozzy for the link. Am gonna take a keen look into it.
cc: @irenyak1