Call 2020-08-25: Community review of Style Guides v Design Systems work - last call before TAC recommendation!

Dear Community,

We are having a last focused deep-dive discussion about Style Guides vs Design Systems, before the Micro Frontend Squad makes a recommendation to the TAC this Friday.

Everyone is welcome (especially if you have strong feelings/thoughts about our front-end and Style Guide future) to attend.

The goal is to identify a reasonable approach, which the MFE squad will commit to trying out and reporting back to the community about the experience and progress. This does have big implications for our design approach in the future.

When: August 25 8:30pm IST | 6pm Nairobi | 5pm Cape Town | 3pm UTC | 11am Boston | 8am Seattle


Goal of this last deep-dive: Review analysis and comparisons of Carbon and Lightning, with concrete visual examples of the patient chart.

  1. Visual comparison of data-heavy EMR screen (Patient Chart View) example from both Carbon and Lightning - UX Designer Ciaran
  2. Compare key points of using Carbon vs Lightning with style guide vs design system approach - @bistenes @mksrom & Ciaran

Background: This is not about going back and applying a new system to the Ref App right away, but rather, looking at what is reasonable to start designing with and implementing through the Micro Frontend squad (this is blocking their design work). However because this has future community-wide implications, we are trying to make this a broader process. In addition to regular TAC discussions & updates on this topic, we’ve had several other topic threads and open discussion sessions in the last 6 weeks - from July 10 to Aug 19, with updates and calls for input here and here.

What to do if you’re interested:

@burke @dkayiwa @florianrappl @mksrom @mksd @dkigen @dkibet @herbert24 @tendomart @insookwa @jwnasambu @gracebish @ssmusoke @angshuonline @michaelbontyes @ibacher @pradiptakundu you will all likely be very interested in attending - please also share/tag others.


@mogoodrich @mseaton @cioan


Notes and updates in this thread here: Style Guide / Design System at OpenMRS: Discussion thread

We’d love to hear further comments - please go to that thread to keep the conversation in one place :slight_smile:

Recording from the meeting 2020-08-25: