Build Failure While Running Command mvn openmrs-sdk:setup

Hi everyone, I met this build error shown in the screenshot while running command mvn openmrs-sdk:setup. I am trying to finished the developer installation following this link Get Set Up · GitBook. Can anyone guide me to solve them?

@zoe can you share the error logs here using


Thank you for your quick response! This is the pastebin link

@zoe is this of help Failed to connect to specified database while setting up server ?

@zoe do you have any running instance of mysql ?

@zoe You are running into this error because you have used a wrong password for ** mysql database username: root . To fix the issue use the right password and just incase you have forgotten it you can check in the runtime property file on your machine.

Thank you and I do not remember where I set the password for database. Is it the same as the password for mysql user root?

@zoe if you did not create any other user, it is likely to be the same, try using it and see the out come

I am having trouble accessing mysql user root. Maybe that is the cause and I asked in this question error 1045, access denied for user 'zoe'@'localhost' (using password: no).

probably but you might also consider upgrading to atleast mysql 5.7 as recommended here

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OMG That would be great! I am available after 6pm on Tuesday(11/24/2020) and all day for the following days! Please let me know if anytime works for you. Ps. I use EST.

ohh that will be very late for me,i use EAT

Hi Herbert! I am also available all day starting from Wednesday. Does anytime work for you?

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sure lets do it 3pm EAT

@zoe I suspect that you are trying to use the user root with a blank password. I would recommend that you create another user say openmrs with a password and use that to setup the SDK server

Use the steps here


Just to make sure. We are meeting at 7am on Wednesday EST. Is that right?

sure that is the time