Build error: Could not find artifact 1.12.0-SNAPSHOT

I have my dev system all setup including dependencies like: JDK and RJE all configured and working, Tomcat configured and working, MySQL configured and working, Maven setup and working.

I setup Eclipse Luna 4.4.1 as recommended by OpenMRS. When importing openmrs-core as an existing Maven project, I get a huge error in Eclispe as well as when running a clean build. Please check the two attachments; all my error logs are contained there.

Ignore the eclipse errors, i get them but the code still works. For the build error i think, this is missing from your ${HOME}/.m2 directory. Usually when i get errors like this i delete everything inside ${HOME}/.m2 directory and do the build again. Try that an let me know if you still have anymore errors. Note $HOME is your home directory, i guess its the My Documents folder on windows

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ok . i will give it a try. but i decided to try docker setup and this time around it worked . here is my link post on further development of the issues i am tackling:

Thanks for your help!

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Thats great.