Best approach for having Patient ID card in OpenMRS 2x and RefApp 2x

How to show/print patient image in Patient ID card?

Have you already attached an image to the patient?

That was logo and a fix file name was saved in report template. But patient photo url will be stored in database and we can get that in datasource of report.

So how to use datasource variable to show the patient photo in report?

Can you try attach such a photo for a patient at? Then create a dataset that has it.

Patient Image 1.1 is not working.

That was an alert generated and stored from the first attempt that you made with 1.0. So just Mark it as Read. If you check the module list, you should see that it started and is running.

So we can not use this module in RefApp 2x.

What do you mean by that?

Upload button does not exist in legacyUI.

Also in RefApp 2x i dont see button or option to upload the patient image.

You can create a ticket for that.

I can not login to create ticket. I already sent an email to help desk and waiting for their reply.

@ssmusoke: Could you please create a ticket to upload/view patient image in RegApp 2x?

I get following error which is caused by Patient Image Module.

How to produce this error:

  1. Open a visit
  2. Then click on patient name to return to patient dashboard
  3. Then you will see above error message

Thanks @hpardess for reporting this. I have fixed it and updated the server.

Could you please share the updated module?

You can download it from here: Remember to rename that jar file.

When you provided the “name of the file as it is uploaded” did you provide the full path or just the file name?

If the full path then it does not seem that the file upload did anything as external source is just some kind of external reference that I guess is resolved at run time.

@dkayiwa: we can add an image/logo to a XReport using File>Upload Image. Also you mentioned it in bellow reply,

May I know where that uploaded image is stored in file system? is it stored in ./OpenMRS/ folder?

Check the images folder of the expanded openmrs war file. You could also use the setting named “xreports.imagesBaseFolder” to define the subfolder.

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The OpenMRS expanded war files are replaced each time we restart the Tomcat server. So it means that files will be deleted each time we restart the server. How can i change the location of uploaded files to ./OpenMRS/XReportImages/ folder?

Thanks I found the option where we can change the folder path for XReport uploaded images. I am posting the screenshot here to help others.