Bahmni - DHIS2 Tracker integration

Hi All,

I am wondering if any implementation have integrated patient data from Bahmni/OpenMRS to DHIS2 tracker. I would appreciate if you can share the approaches followed. Do you know about any ongoing project/development?

Cant access this page, anybody has further information?

Thanks in advance.

Is this page useful for you?

Thank you so much for your response and for sharing the resource. This is suitable for aggregated data integration. I am looking for a solution to integrate individual patient data with DHIS2.

I see an old discussion around this topic here:

But don’t think anything specific got implemented. Will wait for others to reply – if there is any known instance of LineList/Individual Event data to DHIS2 from Bahmni.

cc: @angshuonline @arjun #dhis2

@munnavhai : Can you provide some details of the use-case? Are you looking to push all patient data, or specific form data, or specific program data into DHIS2, etc? Does this need to go with Patient Demographic/name/etc… or just with PatientID + some info?

Hi @gsluthra,

Yes we are looking for a solution to integrate linelist data from OpenMRS/Bahmni to DHIS2 including demographic, program (TB&HIV) data and LAB data. Main objective is to provide the non-technical user ability to analyze data collected in Bahmni. We are exploring DHIS2 as an analytical tools.

Would be interesting to know the more (status, findings, code etc) about this project,

You can also consider using Bahmni Mart for aggregating data across multiple Bahmni instances, anonymised, and then use an open source tool like Metabase to allow users to see dashboards / query data. This is mostly already available out of the box. Read here:

It basically flattens and creates ONE table per FORM, so it becomes easy to create reports/charts (like how one sees data in columns in excel). You can use tools like Metabase, or PowerBI, etc to connect to this data – and create dashboards which can then be accessed over the web by less technical users to analyse the data.

With regards to DHIS2 & line Data… i don’t know of use-cases which are live with Bahmni. Most often people push “aggregate” data to DHIS2.