Bahmni: Bring an Angular app as a widget in the Patient Dashboard

Hi all!

I’d like to know what’s the right way to add a widget in the patient dashboard in Bahmni, without forking Bahmni Apps? This widget would be an Angular app.



Hello @mksrom ,

Can you give more info on what you are trying to do ?

Thanks @sravanthi17 for your interest.

As per this thread: Transition from Reference Application to Bahmni, we (@mksd an I) are currently looking at the feasibility of transitioning an OpenMRS Ref App implementation to Bahmni.

In this implementation, we have added widgets on the patient dashboard that are client specific. In OpenMRS, any third party module can add its own HTML fragment in the patient dashboard (using extension points).

I would like to achieve the same with Bahmni, ie, having our own module to add a fragment of HTML in the patient dashboard. The HTML code is just one Angular directive.

In that case, there is a possibility of adding custom controls in patient dashboard.

Please refer Configuring custom control

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Thanks! That’s what I was looking for.