Bahmni Apps becoming a Maven project

Hi Bahmni team,

Just testing the waters here. For the sake of streamlining our distribution process altogether, we would like to make of Bahmni Apps a Maven project. The Maven build would just basically run grunt test and grunt and make a versioned artifact of the already existing output file.

No need to list the benefits of having this project being versioned “the Maven way”, like pretty much everything else is under the OpenMRS roof.

Looking forward to hear everyone’s opinion on this!

Cc @darius

I am not too sure. Maven is tool for Java stacks for build and dependency management. Whereas BahmniApps is primary a angular, react - javascript project, and we tend to use npm. ui/package.json also has support for versioning. I think we should think of dependencies and versioning using appropriate javascript tech. This would also improve compartmentalizing bahmni apps (if we break it down).

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Sure, let’s do that then. I see that npm supports deployments to Nexus which is good enough for us.

Would you be ok if we start changing it accordingly and PR this?

There’s another small issue with Bahmni Apps: the name of its repo. ‘openmrs-module-bahmniapps’ misleads into thinking that we are dealing with an OpenMRS module. Conversely Bahmi Core’s naming (‘bahmni-core’) should probably have been something along the lines of openmrs-module-bahmnicore. Minor issues admittedly, but that should be addressed at some point nonetheless. Perhaps only the day of Bahmni 1.x?

Regarding versioning, sure. Maybe have an initial discussion over uber or skype?

For the module names - yeah! we never got to it - and not just for this. For openmrs-module-bahmniapps, as far as I remember, we once thought that it can be a pluggable module for openmrs (or a OWA) - however, I think the build, configuration and backup modules have become quite complex for this endeavor!

There are quite a few standardization of naming that I can think about! Maybe 1.x.

(Most open source projects never go beyond 0.9.x) Bahmni has still about 10 more versions to go! :slight_smile: