Automatically add an image (exactly, a doctor's signature) at the end of each HTML form

Reference Aplication 2.10

Hello Everyone.

I would like to put the signature image of each professional (nurse, doctor, psychologist) at the end of each HTML form.

In the beginning, when we only had one doctor, I would insert the image with a basic HTML.

But now, we have more doctors, so I would like to know if there is a way to use a code that identifies the provider and then put the image of his signature at the end of the HTML form.

Thanks for your help!

Ok, searching on the HTML Reference and thanks to this advice I solved it this way (probably not the most elegant, but it works)

At the end of each form I added this code, one line of this same code for each user that works with my OpenMRS implementation.

<includeIf velocityTest="$session.encounter.creator == 'username' "><p><img src="URL-of-the-image" style="width: 200px"/></p></includeIf>

What this code does is verify the creator of that form and add an image corresponding to each username, in this case the signature.

I leave it here published in case anyone is interested in my non-elegant solution.

Thanks @elkinleon for the spirit of sharing! :smile:

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