Anyone working on Care Plans or Treatment Protocols?

One of our Bahmni implementations is probably going to require something like “Care Plans” and/or “Treatment Protocols.” This is 4+ months out, but it would be great if (a) someone else is already working on this and we can join forces, or (b) at least we can start designing things out ahead of time.

I don’t have precise requirements (and won’t for a long time), but I think we’re looking at individualized care plans tailored to a specific patient’s planned surgery.

Hopefully the technical solution to this overlaps with the solution to standardized protocols that are applied to a patient based on a program enrollment, order, or episode of care.

Some links to related things:

Is anyone doing ongoing work on this, or planning to in the upcoming months?


We are in Mozambique eSaude… we’d love to collaborate on it. Let’s start working on a shared use case and design?

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It’s going to be months before we even have requirements on this project. So, consider this pre-collaboration.

If Moz is working on this on the meantime it would be great to get occasional status updates or design discussions.

-Darius (by phone)

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I see it as an additional function for the episodes of care work that we are also incorporating. Care Plans being what should happen, Episodes of Care being what did happen.

The latest on Episodes of Care in Bahmni is in this thread:

In the long run we are open to refactoring this, but it’s not a scheduled priority for us. Alternately, someone else can take the next step.

Hi We are planning to start work on a MVP of care plan. This is a draft version discussing the details. We are interested in understanding the thoughts of the community.

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Hi had you completed care plan thing