Announcement: 2022 OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference Host country awarded to Nigeria


It is with great pleasure to announce that the 2022 OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference (#OMRS22) will be in Abuja, Nigeria.

Nigeria’s application managed to pass our evaluation process and adequately responded to set criteria.

We are honoured by all the countries that expressed interest in hosting this amazing event and although your country wasn’t selected this year we hope your offer extends beyond 2022 as we’d like to consider you for next year. Thanks to all the members who took part in the application process and evaluation process.

The official conference dates will soon follow, including additional details about the conference.

Congratulations Nigeria :confetti_ball: :clap::clap:.

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@christine :dancer: :dancer: thanks for the good work done by your team. Oga @ggomez nice preparation!


Great news, let’s get the dates and logistics for travel done ASAP. I can imagine that folks have some planning to do and if we are shooting for this December we need to work now. Thanks!

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