Adding CIEL diagnosis to Visit note form

Hi all, I have imported the concepts from CIEL around 50,000 concepts as far as I know. When I tried to enter the diagnosis using visit note form, I realized that the form does not search the newly added diagnosis. The search index is updated. I know how to add diagnosis manually through adding the concepts to diagnosis sets; however, if I have such a large number of diagnosis concepts, it does not seem practical to add each of them individually.

Is there a better way to do it?

I know also how to add a field to search all diagnosis concepts; however, this is not helpful as it does not save the diagnosis on the patient dashboard interface (diagnosis target)

I appreciate your recommendations Thanks

First, it is CIEL not CEIL if you want to have your talk entry searchable by CIEL :slight_smile:

I am not sure exactly what your issue is. Did you import the CIEL terms by running the script or by some other method. There is a series of commands at the end:

DELETE FROM global_property WHERE property = ‘ciel.conceptsVersion’; INSERT INTO global_property (property, property_value, description, uuid)
VALUES (‘ciel.conceptsVersion’, ‘20160427’, ‘Date or version of CIEL concept dictionary present in the database’, ‘f7703d13-8650-400c-811b-baf37d3bae91’); update global_property set property_value = “” where property = “search.indexVersion”;

Which updates the global property for date and removes search.indexVersion which then has OpenMRS auto-index the new content. Perhaps that is taking longer on your system than you expect?

@yadamz, actually, the Diagnoses widget on the Visit Note form doesn’t properly work with the CIEL dictionary. There’s a vague ticket about it here:

For now (in the current releases of the Reference Application) the idea is that you would need to manually maintain a set-of-sets that has all the diagnoses you want (not all 50k in CIEL).

Thanks @akanter i fixed the title … I have the search index done but I assumed it will be added automatically to the diagnosis widget

Thanks @darius I will do it manually then :slight_smile:

@yadamz - I’m also facing the same issue. How do you add the diagnoses manually?

Thanks, Jeremy.

@whiscard just add diagnosis to diagnosis set in the dictionary :blush:

Thanks @yadamz. Had to find the diagnosis set first :sunny:

The set I was able to find is Concept ID 160167. Then I selected one of the set member’s e.g Concept ID 160174. I’m able to add a diagnosis, though I get this error:

Hope the above is the correct process?