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We would like to capture email addresses of people downloading our modules on the openmrs download page (for instance this module). Is there a way to add an email (non-required) field on the page? And if so, how much work (development-wise) would it involve?



We’re in the process of migrating to the Add On Index. I think its download button links directly to the artifact on bintray, so not sure where you’d collect an email address.

Maybe you could mock up what you’re imagining the addon download process would look like. Since it would have to be optional and not introduce an extra step, I’m not sure you would get enough data to warrant a change.

Maybe a “Enter your email address to get updates about this module” field combined with a new feature to send out notifications when a new version is uploaded and/or an easy way for an addon maintainer to send a message to all pepole following an addon… though, anyone with an OpenMRS ID would expect this to be a button tap (not enterIng an email; rather, just sending to their OpenMRS email address on file).

Thanks for your input on this.

I’m inclined to go with the “Enter your email address” field that we can use to send out notifications. How much work would it involve? Would it involve writing an add-on and hooking it up to the download page?

PS: It would be super cool to send out notifications to people’s openmrs profile.



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What would it take to add an extra optional field on the download page (example). Thanks


FYI @insiderish continued this discussion with a more concrete proposal here:

And I posted my thoughts on that topic.