A Community Gathering to Remember and Celebrate Kaweesi

I’m so grateful to be a part of our community this week. The outpouring of support on Talk, Slack, and on Zoom has offered comfort to many of us who are still coming to terms with Kaweesi’s passing over these past several days. It simply shows how much our community really is like a family taking care of each other.

Next week, we hope you will join us for a virtual gathering to remember and celebrate Kaweesi. Tuesday, July 27 at 9:30pm IST | 7pm Nairobi | 6pm Cape Town | 4pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle seems fitting as this is the time when we would be with Kaweesi at the QA Support Team call. Please click on the icon to add this to your calendar.

In addition to this memorial gathering, we’ve heard a growing number of ideas about how we can celebrate Kaweesi’s life and support his family. The ideas range from what we can do in the next few weeks to ways we can keep his memory and vision alive in the coming months and beyond. We’ll dedicate some time to share these during the latter half of our gathering.


Thanks so much for organizing this Jen. I’m personally really looking forward to this memorial time together.


Dear Community,

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Joseph’s memorial later today.

Please add your photos or memories or stories to our slides collection here: Celebrating Kaweesi - Google Slides

We will conclude with a toast to Joseph. His favorite drink was fresh fruit juice, should you wish to use this in our shared toast together.

See you soon.


@grace @jennifer do we have any link to the room?

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@jwnasambu is that the zoom link to Kaweesi’s memorial?

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Sure! Kindly feel free to join us.

Thanks for the meeting indeed it has showed that we are really a community

Thanks @grace

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@jennifer, thank you for organizing this. I was wondering if the gathering has a recording because I missed the time zone to join?

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Thank you to each and every one of you who joined us to remember Kaweesi. I am so moved by everything that was shared. I am grateful that our community is like a family, leaning and supporting one another in our time of need.

@ggomez We’re putting together the recording, along with the slide deck and group photo, to share with the community and Kaweesi’s family. If you would like, please feel free to:

I’m especially touched by the suggestions for honoring Kaweesi’s spirit and vision moving forward, such as:

  • Help realize his QA vision by writing automated tests
  • Dedicate the next OpenMRS to the “Year of Kaweesi”
  • Keep the spirit of giving in the community through continued mentorship
  • Start/dedicate a fellowship
  • Contribute to support his family
  • Keep a wall of his memories in OpenMRS

We’ve set up a link where you can help support his family and will look into setting up a fellowship as well.

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