2020-09-03: OpenMRS + Bahmni PLIR Architectural Design Session

exactly :smile:

It’s actually fairly trivial to use openmrs-eip to listen for whatever changes you’re interested in from OpenMRS, and propagate them as their FHIR representation (to wherever they need to go).

@ruhanga is doing just that with a FHIR bundle patient + service request for a new LIMS integration.

@ayesh where to would your FHIR resources need to go?


@mozzy @jennifer @ibacher ?

in the Proposed architecture , we want to push the Fhir resources to a middle ware component , Open-HIM, which will forward the Payload to the SHR , HAPI-FHIR server in this case

@mozzy it’s perfectly fine to do a FHIR communication channel between OpenMRS and OpenHIM with openmrs-eip in the middle. It’s exactly for such purposes that it was designed.

In this case you wouldn’t use its dbsync component (that’s an OpenMRS-OpenMRS only thing), it’s just about writing a couple of Camel routes to hydrate Debezium events with FHIR messages, and then making REST calls to OpenHIM.

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perfect @mksd , i think thats the approach we would want take for this project . We will dicuss that approach more in the next design call . It woud do us very good if you can even attend our next call :smiley:
cc @ibacher @dkayiwa @jennifer

Depending on when it is, @ruhanga may just attend and provide all the necessary details.

Feel free to join #openmrs-eip on Slack and ask questions there too.

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great , ill surely join

@mksd out of nowhere :smile:. So isn’t dbsync the component which listens to mysql bin to retrive events ?. Or it is not and camel can be configured directly listen to events ?. I am asking because I am not familliar with any :smiley:

@ayesh you better take time and read the readme: https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-eip


@dkayiwa sure thanks

@ayesh all Camel routes feed off the main Debezium one, whether it is for pure OpenMRS syncing or for integration purposes.

As @dkayiwa suggested, please try to go through the READMEs. They are in a still imperfect state but there is a lot of info in there anyway :wink:


thanks alot @mksd

Hey everyone! I set up a poll to help us identify a good date/time for the Design Forum that @mozzy suggests. Please take the poll by Monday morning so that I can make a general announcement in a timely manner.

Here is the recording from Monday’s Design Forum: 2020-09-24 PLIR Architectural Design Forum.


Thanks for sharing this @jennifer. Is there a copy of the slide deck that @mozzy shared for further reference?

oh sure , you can find it here


FYI , form the design sessions , we are replacing the OpenMRS eip component with the Analytics engine .Both components depend on Apache Camel and an embeded Dbezium engine .see wiki .


@mozzy does the eip component serve the same purpose as the analytics engine?

The component of the analytics engine that we’re using (which is just the “export data from OpenMRS” component) works for what we would’ve used the eip component for here.