2020-08-19: Style Guides Analysis: Discuss findings together

Dear Community,

This Wednesday we’ll be getting together to discuss the findings of different community members as we’ve been comparing different Style Guide and Design System options. For example, @tendomart has been comparing Bootstrap and Material; @katsjosh and @insookwa have been comparing Bootstrap and Carbon. I believe many others have also been comparing options like @bistenes and @jdick.

The goal of the discussion session is to get on the same page about the major pros/cons of the different 3rd party choices, and then have a summary of our findings ready for the next TAC meeting this Friday.

Who should join: If you’ve been reviewing style guides, or you’re just interested!

Where is the analysis - or where should I write my notes? Our shared Style Guides Analysis page is here in Confluence.

Call Information: Wednesday August 19, 10:30pm IST | 8pm Nairobi | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm UTC | 1pm Boston | 10am Seattle

Add to your calendar with this link: Calendar event, or this button:

Background: Why are we talking about Style Guides at all? A shared, clear Design System will help us have consistency among contributors w.r.t. how things should look. We don’t want to spend precious technical time deciding details of how widgets should look and behave - we want to focus on the clinical use/workflows for those concepts , and allow another community to worry about the rest of the details. This is especially important given we don’t have dedicated long-term UX resources. We want it to be fast for devs to contribute meaningful work. And, it’s much better to figure out our design framework and styling sooner rather than later. We don’t have the resources to build/maintain our own design system. Group consensus is a 3rd party Design System makes the most sense in our case. More OMRS context here; and an Overview of Design Systems here.

Thank you - looking forward to discussing together!

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FYI @burke @dkayiwa @florianrappl @mksrom @mksd @dkigen @dkibet & please tag others.

Hi Community, Reminder about this call happening tomorrow. If you would like to have a say in our Style Guide decision making, this is an excellent call to join!

We will share a recommendations summary on Talk for those who can’t join, and will present the group’s recommendations to the TAC this Friday as well, for a decision about how to move forward.

Our short-term UX designer Ciaran Duffy joins this week, so the timing is perfect, as we’ll immediately be able to begin trying-out what it would look like to use one of these Style Guides from design to development in some squad work.

@bistenes will also demo a simple way to take the compontent CSS you want for a given feature/UI element (screenshot is a sneak preview):

@herbert24 @gcliff @mozzy @ssmusoke @dkayiwa @ibacher @mogoodrich @mseaton @jdick @dkigen @dkibet @nkimaina if you know of people who might be interested please tag them here :slight_smile: If you can’t make it tomorrow, no problem, we’ll tag you in the notes for your review and comment after, and of course the TAC meeting is open for all to attend.


Did we just forget to put this on the OpenMRS calendar? I usually forget about calls that aren’t there. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa it was definitely in the OpenMRS Calendar, and I even provided the direct links to the calendar event above in two different formats:

What page are you looking at when you say “The OpenMRS Calendar”? @jennifer and I have been trying to make sure our Confluence pages are up-to-date, because some older ones don’t dynamically update based on the GCal. However these ones are all live-updating based on the GCal:

The Weekly Meetings page is only for regular events (and requires manual updating). Jen also shared this talk post at the beginning of the week to try to make this packed week of events more clear.

I am not sure what else to do in order to make this easier for everyone. What else would you recommend?
We should probably pin a post of where to find these calendars.

Am looking at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r and i see two COVID-19 Response Squad meetings. One in red while the other in green. The red one is for zoom and green one for uberconference. :slight_smile:

Oh strange - even when I turn on your personal Google calendar, I don’t see anything like that. Just the one COVID squad event, with the zoom link. image So you’re looking at the best/most direct link for sure (personally, I live by this link :stuck_out_tongue: ) - is the date correct?

Ohh - @dkayiwa I think you have Jen’s calendar turned on, and she had an old copy of the calendar event.

Under Other calendars i had another OpenMRS Calendar which had the uberconference link. Turning it off removes it from view.

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