XSSOnPhoneNumberFieldTest tests are really failing

@k.joseph Could you kindly make time and help me find what causes this bug on RATEST-79? All code seem to be fine. I need to sync and find out why??

I need help on RATEST-79. The test fails i have kept watching this for several days and have failed to see exactly why it fails yet all the code seems to be fine. I had discussed it earlier with @kdaud before i pushed the pr. These are the error logs:- On chrome

On Firefox

Code on line 49

watch this highlighted code

watch this

watch this

watch this https://snipboard.io/FlJ9Bo.jpg.

I will appreciate it if any developer tries to run the code and shares feedback. cc. @k.joseph @dkayiwa @kdaud

Sorry about this @gracebish and well done , So ideally this test tracks the Xss vulnerability with in phoneNumber fields on registrationPage, Automations of such are kind of sensitive since they might require classes with in the module itself eg legacyui module,

so the first thing to do is to be able to reproduce this manually on the running server .Will look into this probably will share some feedback

Ideally instead of a phone Number integer validator , you are trying to track which vulnerability by entering a script tag script>alert(0), so when you run the test, it must stop their since this is not a required phone Number which is what the test is supposed to do,

1.I think the work around would be , create a message in openmrs-distro-referenceapplication/RegistrationEditSectionPage.java at master · openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication · GitHub inform of a method call to inform the tester that this is a given xss vulnerability that is being tracked incase there is an xss vulnerability since phone validations is being handled in that class.

, if not then the driver is supposed to go ahead with other automations cc @k.joseph @isears @kdaud , this is interesting xss vulnerability automated tracker

The pre-written logic Test workflow for RATEST-79 is not correct :x:. Study the test logic very well and fix the logic flaw then the test will obviously pass :white_check_mark:.

@gracebish am available if you need a sync But the meta data have given is good enough to make things right.

@kdaud Have you tried to watch this test critically as it runs? Or have you tied to debug the test?

See my comment above

Any progress @gracebish ? If you need a sync am available!

Hey @gracebish can we get time and we figure out XSSOnPhoneNumberFieldTest together so as to see it fixed and as well join other tests that are eagerly waiting for it in master?