ws Lastviewed issue

Application Name: Openmrs Version Number: 1.9.11

Question: Hi guys. i’m using postman to query openmrs 1.9.11 with web service. Here is my query openmrs/ws/rest/v1/patient?lastviewed&v=full but i all the time got { "results": [] } whatever i do with a patient in openmrs. I must be missing something. **

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@greenshellit can you share the screen shot of json results in postman client, or share the full result in pastebin to be more clear thanks

No need @sharif , I got only this: { "results": [] }

do we really have this according to our doc openmrs/ws/rest/v1/patient?lastviewed&v=full

cc @mozzy @ruhanga

Hi @greenshellit

When you look at the patient resource in the REST docs, there no such parameter support : lastviewed , it’s anyway not a Patient property. So it correctly returns an empty result set.


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Ok i see. Thank you

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You can always look at our swager Document for all the suported params ,because all the Resources are well documenetd. However , In case you need a specific param that is not supported yet, you can always create a ticket and we can always write a custom search handler for it

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