workshop 30/5/2017 - looking for openmrs-core dev support

Hi there,

We’re running an OpenMRS workshop on Tuesday, May 30 6.30pm - 8.45pm BST (see Currently, there are over 50 people registered. It would be fantastic if one of the openmrs-core developers could be available (ideally Slack - details will follow) during that time to look at PRs and ideally merge them during the eve still (and probably for the odd question =o). As past events have shown (with the kind support of @teleivo), it makes quite a difference if someone’s able to merge PRs directly.

Thanks, tobi

PS. Ivo mentioned, I should include @dkayiwa somehow in this post =o)

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Thanks @tobivogel for organising this! I will be fully around for as long as you need me. :slight_smile:

That’s great news, thank you Daniel!

I’ve sent you an invite to the slack channel we’re going to use this eve.

We plan to work on the issues used during the German hackathon a few weeks ago.

See you later, tobi

Yes i received the invitation and got there as dkayiwa See ya!