Working on TRUNK-1931


I claimed this issue and have been taken a look at it for the past few days but have problems finding my way to making changes or where to make them. Please, can anyone help throw more light on how I could solve the issue? link to issue here


I guess in this issue you need to clean the extra unused code in the ‘’ file. link- @wandji69

@wandji69 are you still blocked on this?

@herbert24 I have been going through the wiki page for message properties and trying to get some head up, but still block.

Will need any help you can offer. Have been away due to school schedule.

In other words you are looking for a path to the source code? have you had a chance of reading through the comments? the is this link

could you first try looking at this

Thanks for this will take a look.

Yes I have gone through this.

which problem could you be facing?

Taking a look at the I get stock under usage. To fine unused message code and have to run -s [MESSAGE_FILE] [TARGET_DIRECTORY] [OUTPUT_FILE] that’s where i have difficulty. I run the SDk for testing and to view the UI. So my problem now is how to run that. Or where to run it. For I can’t clean up the unused massage codes if I can’t find them all. I also have taken a look at the file and that is okay.

what do you want to accomplish?

To look for unused messages translation and clean them up. Here is a link to the ticket

are you able to get to the file as required by the ticket??

I have been able to get through so am working the files now.

Thanks for the help.

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