With Reference Application 2.3.1 demo data file not working


I installed 1.11.0 war and module files from Reference Application 2.3.1. After following complete installation process I was able to see new UI which we see on demo link. However as I was not having enough data I took demo-1.12.0.sql from demo data link of openMRS. But once I executed that file and restarted tomcat some of openmrs modules started giving exception and stopped working. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Or which data file I can use with Reference Application 2.3.1 ? I need data file for almost 500 patients. Someone please help.

Reinstall the reference application and use the global property/setting named “referencedemodata.createDemoPatientsOnNextStartup” which takes the number of demo patients you want to be created at startup.


I changed this parameter. But when I restarted tomcat no change happened. I still have same number of persons in my database. Please help. Let me know if anything else needed to be done.