Will we have [GCI 2019 Website tasks] this year like last year.

Hi, mentors I had one question that last we have tasks from OpenMRS in which we had to design UI (For GCI website). So will we have them this year? like this:-

Hii @devanshk09, yes last year’s GCI 2019 website task were pretty amazing. Those task were to actually create a OpenMRS GCI website for this year and the development also began on the same after GCI-2018 but unfortunately we couldn’t keep up with it

Here’s the github repo for that: https://github.com/ykarim/openmrs-contrib-gci-site

But if the mentors decide to revive the project, we may see some more tasks related to it but I don’t think there are much chances of it.

Let’s always hope for the best :smile:

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Thank you so much:grinning:

@suthagar23, @tendomart you may need to have a look at this post!


We can’t ensure that - What’s going to be in tasks here :smile:. By the way, We are trying to add new tasks rather than the old tasks.

Keep watching on the tasks …!


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