Wiki, JIRA and CI instabilities on the last hours

Hi everyone,

For the past few hours our wiki, CI and (login) to JIRA have been up and down.

I don’t really know what happened.

I have the theory that the database connection might have been blocked at some point, but the database logs shows that it was at least pretending to be happy all the time. As I don’t monitor connectivity to the database right now, hard to tell.

JIRA (except the login, which is handled externally) was up during the whole time, which I assume it’s on its own credit.

I don’t really have answers, but I will keep an eye on them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This week the same instability showed up multiple times, sometimes more than twice a day. I’ve been trying to restart them when I’m awake.

I do have the feeling it’s the database, but I do need time to actually investigate - which has been scarce for me lately, and @whiscard couldn’t look as well.

I did a few changes. Maybe MAYBE it will solve the problem for good now.

Well, I don’t want to jinx it.

But my changes to the database appears to have helped. Applications are stable again :smiley:

Or as stable as before.

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