Why the mapping failed?

When I tried to create the patient in openmrs-core, it can not map the find out the relating resource. Does anyone can tell me the reason?

can you translate it into english language please for us to be able to understand the error, what is the main error and what exactly are you trying to do

Yes, of course. I’m rebuilding the openmrs-core system, so please wait for a moment.

Besides, the problem if when I fill in the patient information, such as ‘ko21’, and click the “创建人” means create patient, the system reported 404. I don’t know why the system can not find out related resource.

Are you familiar with chinese language :slightly_smiling_face:, Because it would make sense if the system is in right language that you are familiar with

Yes, I’m Chinese. Actually, I tried to click the language format of OpenMRS to transform it to English, but it doesn’t work.

But I want to know why the system can not find out page…

You can always click on the bottom of the page

This can be reproduced on demo using the same link you shared https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/admin/patients/shortPatientForm.form unless this is your custom module

Yes, I have clicked, but it can not change its language. It is so weird… I even set the language of browser to English, it still does not work.

Are you able to reproduce it on demo https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/admin/patients/shortPatientForm.form

What do you mean? I’m using the openmrs-core to create the test data, not the demo system hhh

its the same protocal ,whether its openmrs-core or demo, they all using the same approach unless you have your custom changes, then we shall be able to tell whether its on our code , or your code thats why it would be a good idea to first test it and see if it works

I see, thank you for your explanation. I managed to create a patient on demo system, but I did not make any change on the original code in my openmrs-core. So I don’t know why I can not create one based on my local system.

Which version of openmrs-core could you be running

I’m running openmrs-core 2.5

Because I have added some new codes in the original code, so I would like not to pull new code from openmrs-core github repository. So, if there is a new version of openmrs, I might have missed it.

Can you tell me what module do I need to add, if I want to create patient data? I suppose that I might less some required modules in my system

probably this is causing that , could you share your code snippet

We added a controller and a new “index” page. That’s what we all have done.

By the way, can you tell me where can I download the serialization.xstream 0.2.14? I can not download it from openmrs addones right now, the page can not be opened.

You can clone this GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-serialization.xstream at 0.2.15 and build it via mvn clean install

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Thank you!