Why don't we allow manually entered dates for the angular datepicker in UICommons and ReportingUI?


UICommons has a datetimepicker where the input box is ‘readonly’ requiring users to click through the datepicker to select the date. Our team was surprised when testing and they couldn’t type in the date. This is clearly a standard across OpenMRS. We found the same logic in the reportingUI report parameter datepicker.

Do you know why this decision was made? Do others have the need to be able to manually enter dates?

Thanks, Craig

FYI @jamesfeshner, @nathaelf, @mogoodrich, @ssmusoke, @mseaton

@craigappl I don’t remember 100% but I think it may have been arbitrary, or potentially made for a technical reason rather than a usability reason…

I would support giving end users the ability to type in dates.

Take care, Mark

Thanks @mogoodrich ,

I played around with the Chrome console yesterday. I removed the readonly attribute on the and found that typing in the date the first time works in multiple formats (DD/MM/YYYY, DD-MM-YYYY) The initial time we type in, the date picker goes to that date while you type and then converts the date to the standard format DD MMM YYYY. After you leave the box and click back in it, the date picker no longer works.

I saw this ticket about datepicker binding, that was merged, but I don’t know enough about javascript to figure out if this would solve the problem.