Why do deleted Appointment Module types return after restart?

I tried deleting appointment types from appointment module

But when I restart the server they come back. I tried retiring them and purging them. they get retired or deleted and come back when I restart tomcat. Is there a way to permanently deleted unwanted appointment types? Thanks

This seems strange–these are all appointment types that you have created?

No actually, they are all the default appointment types that were originally there.

Ah, as provided by the reference application? @darius I’m guessing the reference app adds all these at every startup? Is there a way to work around this?

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Yes, the reference application automatically includes these appointment types. (but this is a bit of a bug.)

As part of RA-579, we inadvertently added these tickets to the Reference Metadata module, when they should have been added to the Reference Demo Data module.

I created a JIRA issue for this bug (it’s a curated intro ticket; if someone does this very soon it could be included in the imminent Reference Application 2.4 release).

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