Why can't I edit a patient's previous forms?

Platform Version: If you have Platform installed, please list its version here. OpenMRS Version: 1.9

Question: I created HTML forms for patient documentation and before I was always able to submit my documentation and edit the form after submission. When submitting the form, I would go back to the form entry tab and click on the hyperlink to that specific encounter which would take me to the old encounter documentation and edit the information inside.

However, today while I was training about 25 users, the encounters in form entry became black font and I am unable to click on the encounters to edit the encounter information. I made no changes to my user security or the type of documentation I am doing. I am listed with user roles: Provider, Authenticated and System Developer user settings. Also I did not change any privileges within the user roles. The provider role has the privileges: “Form entry”, “Edit FormEntry Archive” and “Edit FormEntry Queue.”

I tried to rerun mySQL but was unable to fix the issue. Are you supposed to see a mySQL taskbar icon at the bottom right of your screening? I currently do not have mySQL listed as an icon even though I see it has a processes in windows task manager.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem where you were not allowed to re-enter into the patient’s previous forms to edit? It happened all of the sudden when I didn’t change any relevant settings.

Hi John,

I think I have the same problem. (if not, I’ll post that as a new question)

-I am logged in as the default admin user-

For developing purposes, I’ve created an HTML Form Entry form named Triage associated with the Encounter Type Visit Note (already existing in the ref. app). When I save that form, I am then able to Edit it from the Patient Dashboard.

However, if I associate the form to another Encounter Type (newly created), for example Triage encounter type, I am not able to Edit it anymore, whatever the privileges associated with that Encounter Type.

Do you think that would be the same problem ?

@mksrom, the underlying code says that whether an encounter is editable depends on its encounterType, and this is configured in some encounter templates json somewhere that I don’t have time to look up now. Since you reused an existing encounter type that is configured to be editable, it is editable in the UI. I think this is the code for the display template, though I don’t remember where the configuration code by encounter type is.

@jkoihmn, I don’t know how the application’s behavior could have changed without some configuration changing. One thing I would consider is that you either need to have a privilege to edit encounters, or else you need to have been one of the participants in the encounter (the creator, or one of the listed encounter providers). But since you say you’ve got System Developer privileges, I guess this isn’t the reason.

Thanks @darius, I’ve found that the configuration happens in that file.

It works by simply adding my Encounter type in it :

       "0c4a8469-bba8-470e-b00e-cec72fd4b6e0": { // Triage
                "icon": "icon-thumbs-up",
                "editable": true

beautiful result :

Now, next step is to add that through our client module instead of the refereranceapplication module. But that is another story.

Thanks again for your time.