Why can I see concepts in the CSV download but can't search for them?


I’ve always used the mysqldump code to backup and restore versions of my data from mutlple servers. Ive created a new implementation and every time I pull the backup in a different computer, the concept dictionary breaks. If I download the concept dictionary, the csv presents all my concepts. but if i search the dictionary in Openmrs it doesn’t find them.

It only finds them if I search them by concept id. ie True is concept id 1. If I search for true, there are no results. But if I search for 1, then True appears in the results.

If I open the concept, edit it without any modifications and the save it, the problem is fixed. I would like to find a different way or maybe a script, so I don’t have to do this manually for the 1100+ concepts in my system, and have to do it on all my servers each time I change OpenMrs war files.

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I believe your question is answered here: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/ask/questions/83853692/answers/83853696

If the OpenMRS Platform version that you’re using is 1.10 or below, see Ellen’s answer. If the version is 1.11 or above, see Wyclif’s answer.

@darius Thank you, that worked perfectly.